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Press photos of author Jonathan Treasure available here. 

Press photos of author Jonathan Treasure available here. 

We welcome any interested media outlets to download a press kit, and/or to contact the author with media inquiries. Click the link below to download a press kit with the following information:

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  • A selection of reviews. 
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What Readers Are Saying...

A must have! This is an absolute no non-sense book, clear and detailed, accessible to the wider public as well as being a reference for practitioners of all methods who want to understand Cannabis and its uses, without polemic, without philosophical leanings of any kind.
— Dr. J. Rozencwajgon,, April 20, 2016
At last a reliable herbalist’s guide! I’m always intrigued to hear Jonathan and to read his work - he is an outstanding critical thinker and a reliable source of herbal insight and perspective: two things that are much needed in considering cannabis and cancer. This text informs both patient and practitioner and will leave each in an enhanced position. As a practising herbalist and teacher in herbal medicine I’m well aware that many herbalists have limited understanding of cannabis and cancer - often significantly less than people working in cannabis dispensaries for example. This text substantially addresses that knowledge deficit for practitioners whilst also being an accessible guide for patients and anyone who is concerned to take this extraordinary plant and its potentials seriously. Looking forward to future volumes!
— Peter Conway,, April 20, 2016
An Excellent and Much-Needed Contribution to the Field. Jonathan Treasure has done us a great service in offering this review of Cannabis and cancer. Practitioners, their clients, and any seeking a thoughtful and informed examination of this topic will be highly rewarded. For many years, I have greatly respected Jonathan’s analysis of botanical texts, medical literature, and clinical approaches—and this book does not disappoint. This is an important contribution that sets the overall use of botanical medicines in cancer scenarios in context, as well as addressing essential questions of Cannabis efficacy and formats per se. Well done, Jonathan! I will be recommending this book widely.
— Carol Trasatto,, April 22, 2016