Sativa vs Indica

There are few subjects more likely to set the fur flying among recreational users and all sorts of cannabis experts, including skilled growers, experienced processers and time served dispensary owners than the various aspects of "Sativa" vs. "Indica". For medical users, ie real patients who need to know what they are being sold as medicine, this whole topic is a red herring that only creates confusion and concern. In this interview, serendipitously timed with the publication of an interview with Ethan Russo on exactly the same subject (link below) Jonathan Treasure talks with Oneal Latymore about the Sativa vs Indica question.


For Ethan Russo's similar views on the same topic, click here

Testing Testimonials

There are  more than a few testimonials out there from people who have used cannabis successfully for their cancer. But there is always an issue about testimonials (even for sworn testimony in court)  which is how much can they be believed?  In the case of testimonials claiming cures for cancer that question is far from trivial. Jonathan describes 3 criteria that are a his minimum test for taking testimonial claims seriously.

Current Oncology Journal: Cannabis Supplement

The March 2016 issue of the Canadian Curent Oncology Journal  has a Supplement on cancer with free text review articles including Anticancer Mechanisms of Cannabinoids, (Guillermo Velasco et al) and Integrating Cannabis into Clinical Cancer Care (Donald Abrams). Velasco is part of the very active research group in Madrid, which also includes Manual Guzman who ran the pilot human study on glioblastoma and THC. Integrative oncologist Donald Abrams of course is well known for his work with cannabis dating back to his landmark trial of the herb for AIDs related conditions (neuropathic pain, wasting) in the 2000s. These are concise reviews written by real authorities - check them out. 

Check Out Table of Contents & Download pdfs Here