Jonathan Treasure

British educated and uniquely qualified in the field of herbal medicine and cancer, Jonathan trained both in biomedical science and western phytotherapy (herbal medicine). His clinical practice provides cutting-edge information for people with cancer across the US and internationally. Jonathan holds a Masters in Medical Sciences.


 Jonathan Treasure is a Londoner and British-trained medical herbalist now resident in Oregon. Treasure has a Masters degree in medical sciences from Cambridge University and graduated in herbal medicine from the UK School of Phytotherapy

His dual expertise in traditional western herbal therapeutics and cutting edge biomedical science underlies his trademark  transdisciplinary approach – exemplified by the acclaimed collaborative medical textbook  “Herb, Nutrient and Drug Interactions: Clinical Implications and Therapeutic Strategies” (Mosby Medical, 2008). His clinical practice is  devoted to botanical medicine and nutritional therapeutics for people with cancer.

An international speaker and herbal blogger with a reputation for critical wit especially in herbal theory and philosophy, he has been described as a thought leader in western herbal medicine. Treasure is respected by professionals in both mainstream and herbal medicine for his ability to bridge the worlds of modern medical science and traditional herbalism.